Children’s Yoga



Other than improving the overall health and well-being of everyone who practices, YOGA has been shown to IMPROVE:  Test Scores, Emotional Balance, Self-esteem, Behavior, Concentration and Focus.  Yoga decreases anxiety and reduces the symptoms of ADHD and chronic conditions such as Asthma.

While incorporating partner or group activities to enhance the community and unity aspects of yoga, children learn, through play, the balance of mind and body, the peace of presence, the freedom of self-expression, and the joy of connection.  Children are encouraged to use their imagination and participate with sharing their own posture creations.

Preschool and Kid’s Yoga….fun journeys through imaginary lands exploring the movement of body and breath.  Learn, through songs and yoga play, how to de-stress, celebrate life, and remain happy and well.

Preschool Yoga – ages 3 through Kindergarten

Kid’s Yoga – grades 1 through 5

Teen Yoga introduces alignment principles and breathing practices to maintain the health of the body/mind, assisting with relaxation, balance, and strength in the fast paced world of academics and athletics.

Teen Yoga – grades 6 through 12