Welcome to Om Desa Yoga!


The mission of Om Desa Yoga, by developing and teaching yoga programs, is to help adults and children live a more healthy and happy lifestyle that opens to success.   The teachings of Om Desa Yoga focus on unifying all aspects of ourselves: our physical body, our energy, our mind and emotions, and our spirit.  All practices are designed with an emphasis on returning to and maintaining a healthy and natural physical alignment that facilitates ease and movement throughout our daily lives.

Quite often the emphasis on Yoga is extremely physical and encourages students to strive to to “achieve” the pose.  Om Desa Yoga’s philosophy is to meet the student where they are and take them where they want to be.  We see Yoga as a means to facilitate well-being.  The practices can be beneficial for rehabilitation, for bringing the body/mind back to a state of balance, and for maintaining a current state of feeling well and enjoying life.  Skilled in adjusting and modifying, we offer a practice that is attainable for EveryOne.

Yoga is not just physical!  Our classes, seminars, and retreats incorporate the energetic, mindful/emotional, and spiritual practices of pranayama (breathing practices) and meditation to assist you with improving vitality and focus and unifying YourSelf.

Join us in exploring this amazing journey of being human:  connecting with ourselves, each other, and our beautiful planet!